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Barton Hill Farm - A heavenly home for pigs!

Welcome to the Barton Hill website. If you haven't been to visit us before, I hope you will like what you see and come back again. Please browse the site and see what we have to offer - pigs for sale, boars at stud and plenty of information.​​

The Farm:

Barton Hill is 15 acres of pig heaven on a lovely old farm which dates back several hundred years. We are set on the side of a hill over looking the beautiful Monnow river - the border between England and Wales, on the edge of the Golden Valley.

​The views over the Black Mountains are beautiful.

We have an orchard, woodland copse and pasture for our pigs with streams, ponds and wallows. The pigs are housed in arks and barns which they can access from their pasture.

Our Ethos:

​We strongly believe in providing all our animals with the perfect environment whether they are pets or for consumption. Our Pigs live in a stimulating  and natural environment 24 hours of the day, all year round. Their beds are always warm and cosy and their tummies always full.

They enjoy a life of foraging, grazing, rooting and interacting with other pigs. Even our boars have companion pigs to live with them.

Our sows farrow in a large barn where their piglets have the security they need for the first few days, after which the barn doors are open all day to allow sows and litters to roam free, forage and come and go as they please. As the litters grow, the sows share accommodation and often share the mothering of their piglets, where appropriate.

The Pigs:

We keep 3 breeds of pig - New Zealand Kunekune, Berkshires, Little Swedish Pigs

What We Offer:

We are proud of our reputation for breeding healthy, happy free range pigs and of our dedication to providing our customers future, past and present with sound advice, help and support.

  • We keep our own boars and most are available for stud

  • We sell piglets of all the breeds from time to time

  • We offer a comprehensive export service for small groups of breeding livestock



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Barton Hill Farm, Hereford


Tel: 01981 240749

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