Wendy Scudamore & Barton Hill Rare Breed Pigs

I have spent all my working life with animals of one kind or another; Pigs have been my love and my work for the last 20 years. I'm passionate about pig welfare and am committed to raising pigs in a conscientious and sympathetic way  - whether they are destined for the table or as life long companions.

When I started in pigs I knew very little and 'felt' my way. After ten years of pig keeping experience I decided to try to help those starting up in pig keeping by providing one day courses. These have been popular and I hope have been a confidence giver for those who have participated.  The courses have certainly been enjoyable for me, and have introduced me to many like minded folk, some of whom have remained friends to date. 

The introductory courses progressed into the development of a breeding course for those hoping to start up breeding pigs on a small scale. The popularity of the breeding course encouraged me to write 'Small Scale Outdoor Pig Breeding' which was published in 2010 by The Crowood Press.

Having started with Kunekune pigs - as pets - I was tempted into the show ring and once there was bitten by the 'big pig' bug! Berkshires were the choice of my daughter Lucy - a good choice - and have proved a very enjoyable addition to our herd.

In 2009 I was interested in finding a smaller breed of pig again and my search for such a pig led me to Sweden and to Eva Magnusson who bred Swedish 'mini pigs'. At the end of 2010 I imported a small group of these pigs - the herd again was growing! And still it continues to grow - In March 2013 i took a trip to Holland to bring home 3 beautiful Chinese Meishan pigs. Two gilts aged two years and a young boar who travelled across the continent to join them on their journey. Sadly, earlier in 2017 I lost the boar to bladder stones after only two litters. The gilts have now gone to other homes 

Barton Hill is also home to many other animals, including horses, ponies, cats, dogs and even some rescued wildlife.

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Barton Hill Farm, Hereford

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