Boars at Stud

Kunekune Boars at Stud


We now only two boar lines -  Te whangi and Ru.

When your sow comes for stud she will stay for approximately 4 weeks. This is to allow her to come into season, visit the boar and then remain for a further 3 weeks to ensure that she does not come back into season so we will know that she is in pig. Throughout her stay she will not be mixed with other visiting sows but will have company of the boar or neighboring pigs. Please ensure that she is wormed and appropriately eartagged with her pedigree Kunekune tag before she travels.

  • Stud Fee - Kunekune £100 per sow, Berkshire 50.00

  • All sows are sent home believed to be in pig. If for any reason I doubt that she is in pig I will not charge a stud fee. If I have charged a stud fee and she does not produce a litter your sow will be entitled to a free service.

  • Sow boarding fees - £8 per sow per week (kunekunes) 10.00 per sow per week (Berkshires) including feed and bedding

  • Transport is available for your sows at a cost of 50p per mile.

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