Conditions of Sale:

Please consider when buying pet pigs that they have a lifespan of 10 - 15 years and are a serious commitment. They are excellent pets and very enjoyable, loyal and not too demanding if kept correctly so will give you many, many years of pleasure! I have added the following to try to be sure that my pigs ​go to the best homes I can find for them.


  • I will only sell pigs in groups of two or more, unless they are going to homes where they will be integrated with other pigs

  • All pigs sold must go to outdoor homes with a minimum of half an acre of grazing available (with the exception of Berkshires who are being fattened)

  • Please note: Gardens are not sufficient for keeping pigs 

  • In the event that you can no longer keep your pigs, for genuine reasons, please give me the opportunity to help find them a new home

  • All boars are sold castrated unless pre -ordered for use as a breeding boar

  • All Little Swedish gilts are sold spayed. Unspayed gilts do not make good pets as they can be very naughty when in season!

I breed and sell my pigs from time to time. The Berkshires, Kunekunes and Little Swedish Pigs are all pedigree registered with their relevant breed societies. This is an important part of maintaining bloodlines, history and genetic diversity in the breeding.  



Please scroll down for pigs currently for sale 

Currently For Sale:


Two Little Meishan Castrated boars. These two are extremely rare, very unusual and very beautiful. The Meishan is a quiet, docile and friendly breed and easy to keep. An ideal addition to any visitor attraction. There are no breeding stock for sale as their numbers in the UK (and Europe) are so limited - under 20 pigs. NOW SOLD to a visitor attraction in Wales!

Next litter due in July    

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