Pig Keeping for You

Ever fancied keeping pigs but not known where to start?

Many people have the desire to keep pigs but no knowledge of where or how to start or even which pigs are which and which would suit them most.

If you'd like to come for a day at Barton Hill where you will meet pigs, handle them, learn all the basics about setting up ready for your pigs, the legal requirements and obligations in pig keeping or even just try it for a day to see if it suits you, you can do so.

Days can be tailored to suit participants - maybe you just want to learn how to ear tag, notch, or inject? Or perhaps a little practice in board and stick handling before going into the show ring?

For those who have already begun their foray into pig keeping and are ready to move on to breeding, I have a Pig Breeding Course which covers everything you need to know from selecting your future breeding pigs to dealing with farrowing and care of newborn piglets.

'Mini' Course

This is a short course tailored to individual needs. If there are certain aspects of pig keeping you would like to discuss or learn about then this is the course for you. Perhaps you would just like to talk through the whole idea and see if pig keeping will suit you and your situation? Mini courses can be run on a 'one to one' basis or for small groups. Includes refreshments but does not include lunch. Times and dates arranged to suit the individual. Weekends or weekdays possible 

Two hours minimum. Price is £20 per hour. Includes tea/coffee and literature to take home

If you would like further info or would like to book, please use the details on the contact page. Thank You

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