Beautiful, Versatile and Prolific Pigs From Around The World

Whether you are looking for a delightful smallholders' pig to graze your pasture, an exceptional eye catcher to woo your visitors, a friendly mischievous character to keep you entertained or a full on beauty to turn your ground and grace your table, Barton Hill has a breed to fit the bill.

The New Zealand Kunekune is the ideal pet or smallholder pig. Almost extinct in the 1970's it was revived as a breed and imported into the UK in the 1990's. There are now a healthy number of these small, round and hairy, easy to keep, intelligent and prolific pigs. Kunekunes grow to approximately 24" high but they can vary 6" either side of that! They have the most gentle and friendly temperament and are almost 'dog like' in the love of human company.

Like most pigs, Kunes will take at least two years to reach full grown and will weigh approximately 150lbs

Little Swedish pigs were originally bred for laboratory testing in ​Germany but many found their way into private ownership and were bred as 'pet' pigs. They are the most delightful, cheeky and individual little characters - mischevious, intelligent, hardy and independent. They take a while to learn to trust but once you have their trust they will love you unconditionally! At full grown Little Swedes will be approximately 14"-18" tall and weigh about 25-35kgs making them the smallest of all the breeds

Berkshire pigs originated from the Thames Valley circa 1790. They are a popular meat pig as although black, they dress out completely white and have a good proportion of lean meat to fat.

The Berkshire sow is a lovely mother - she milks well, is calm and placid and holds her condition well when feeding a litter. ​

Berkshire pigs are a British Rare Breed and classified by the RBST as category 4 - At Risk.

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